Injuries & Insurance

If any registered 5v5 Futsal player is injured and needs to claim insurance please:

  1. Download our insurer’s Injury Claim Form
    Injury Claim Form

  2. Please fill out all the pages, collect all medical bills and take your Injury Claim Form to 5v5 Futsal or email it through to

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Mamouto Maaliki is a professional coach who has worked with elite teams across NSW. Coaching is available for people of all skill levels. 

1 on 1 coaching: $50/hr

Group/Team coaching: $35-$40 pp/hr (Rate depends on size of group)

We aim to:

  • Improve fitness and skills

  • Develop technically proficient players

  • Develop tactically aware, proactive players

  • Transform the physical and direct style of football in Australia to a successful style based upon technique and creativity

  • To create a real ‘football culture’ in Australia

Mamouto Maaliki


- Marconi Stallions F.C NPL1 U5's - U8's

- Skill Acquisition Porgrams U9's - U10's

- Barcelona Escola Sydney youths

- Plays for Fraser Park F.C. NPL 3


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