What We're About

Welcome to 5v5!

The name 5v5 is a reminder of the relaxed nature of the games we remember from school.

As adults, we love the informality and camaraderie of having a kick at the park and we’re trying to replicate that in a more organised setting. We’re putting our focus into forming a positive social football culture featuring events which are well organised. In doing so we also hope to shine light on lesser known codes of football, such as futsal and 5-a-side.

Help us grow by inviting your friends to play and let us know if you have advice we could take on board.

Please spread the word, and of course get your own team together!

Be sure to check out our events and get ready for some great futsal games all year round.


Finding The Venue

The Willis Recreation and Sports Centre has free parking, a club house, toilets, a kitchen and two purpose-built, synthetic turf, 5-a-side courts.

325A Eastern Valley Way, Middle Cove, NSW, 2068

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