We welcome players at any level of experience, from beginner to elite and offer Division 1 (Competitive) and Divisions 2 & 3 (Social) competitions.

We play by official FIFA futsal rules and provide qualified futsal referees for all matches.


You must be registered as a 5v5 Club Member to participate in competitions or other 5v5 Futsal events.

The team organiser is responsible for registering players and collecting payment and is the primary point of contact for a team.

Competition fees vary based on length and can be viewed by selecting one of the options below.




Fees involve two components, a per player Club Membership Fee and a Team Competition Fee.

We run three seasons a year. Club Membership for a single season is $30.

Your invoice will include all player Club Membership Fees and the Team Competition Fee.

Full payment of your invoice is required by your first game, however a minimum 25% deposit is necessary to secure your team’s entry in a competition.

The chart below will assist you in calculating PER PLAYER costs for your team (all prices rounded up to the nearest dollar)

* Above amounts are based on one competition at cost of $700 per team + club memberships at cost of $30 per player (paid only once per season)

*Above amounts are based on one competition at cost of $700 per team + club memberships at cost of $30 per player (paid only once per season)

Game Details

Each 12 week competition consists of 6 teams. There are 3 time slots each night and each team plays once.

Games run for a total of 36 minutes (2 x 18 min halves along with a 2 minute half time break).


Divisions 2 & 3 competitions have a friendly and supportive social atmosphere and are perfect for those who are coming back to the game or transitioning from outdoor football. Our Social Competition referees will help guide you through the rules as you learn.

Division 1 competitions are highly competitive and are for teams who take the game more seriously!

Dress Code, Protective Gear & Insurance

This is a futsal competition and outdoor plastic or metal studs of any sort are strictly prohibited. Additionally, all players are required to wear shin guards.

Fees include individual player accident insurance.

location & Parking

The Willis Recreation & Sports Centre:
325a Eastern Valley Way, Middle Cove

The Willis offers two multipurpose synthetic turf courts and a clubhouse with change rooms, toilets and showers.

Free parking is usually possible at the courts and more parking available on surrounding streets if needed.

The venue borders Chatswood and Middle Cove and is an 8 minute bus ride from Chatswood Station.

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