1) All games are played on two purpose-built, all-weather, synthetic turf pitches at 325a Eastern Valley Way, Middle Cove NSW 2068.

2) Please see event tickets located in the online store for season duration and number of games to be played.

3) Each FULL SEASON game will consist of two x 18 minute halves with a two minute half-time break.

4) The game of futsal is played with 5 players per team, including the goalkeeper, however it is strongly recommended that you have at least 2 extra players as substitutes.

Each team needs a minimum of four players to be able to play, otherwise the team will be forced to forfeit. If the team has four registered players, they may borrow players from another team as long as they are registered.

5) We are currently running an all-ages women's competition. Please check back with us early next year for all kid's/youth competitions.

6) Teams will be graded into divisions for the full-season competitions. Unless otherwise specified, all other events are ungraded.

7) All referees used in our tournaments are professionally qualified and specifically trained in the sport of Futsal. These refs will be used for all of our events.

8) At 5v5 we run a hybrid of Futsal and 5 a-side. We play by official FIFA Futsal rules on turf courts. (can be found here).

9) We run three 11-week competitions over the year as well as various special events and shorter tournaments. Please see competitions pages for specific dates.

10) Games will be called off if we decide that conditions are unsafe for play. If this happens, the game will be rescheduled and your team will play a make up game in the coming weeks, you will not miss out on a game.

11) Points are awarded according to the result of the game. Wins are 3pts, Draws are 1pt and a Loss is 0 pts. The table rankings follow the order of Pts, then by goal difference. If the results are still tied, the rankings go by the last result between the two tied teams.

12) A player who is sent off will be suspended for the upcoming match, regardless of whether it is a regular match or semis/finals. Any violent or disorderly conduct may result in a report being filed to Football NSW. Any decisions handed down are legally binding. If you have a complaint or wish to appeal, you may contact the Football NSW Judiciary directly.

13) Prizes for all special events will be specified in the event's details in our online store.

14) Prime location on the outskirts of Chatswood with:

  • Pristine purpose-built turf courts
  • About $10 a player/per game
  • Numbered Jersey Prize
  • Free parking
  • Less than an 8 minute bus ride from Chatswood Concourse
  • Full Personal & Public Liability Insurance
  • Official FFA Futsal Referees


    1) Normal football kit should be worn – shirt, shorts & socks with shin pads. No shin pads, no play. Where possible, shirts should match for your team; however, coloured bibs will be provided for teams in the event of colour clashes.

    2) Turf boots are designed specifically for play on astro turf, however regular indoor boots are completely fine. Studded boots however are strictly prohibited.

    3) All players on the pitch must wear shin pads and socks.


    Payments & Registrations

    1) To keep the registration process simple, each team pays a single ‘team fee’ which breaks down evenly between either 7 or 8 players. There are no separate match fees - just one, upfront cost. For more information on pricing, please see our ‘Full Season Registration’ page.

    2) The full team fee can be paid online, bank transferred or paid in cash by your team manager. Payment deadlines vary and are listed in the details of each event ticket. These can be found in the online store.

    3) We are currently taking registrations for men's all-age, women's all-age as well as mixed all-age competitions

    4) We accept full team registrations as well as individual player registrations. Please visit the "Registration" page for more information.

    5) No, In most cases that is all your team will pay.


    Insurance & Associated Clubs

    1) 5v5 Futsal has taken out Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance along with Player Accident Insurance and is included with all full season tickets. EVERYONE who plays in a FULL SEASON at 5v5 Futsal is insured. Special Events may not have Player Accident Cover.



    1) A basic first aid kit will always be on hand, however in the case of serious injury, an ambulance may be called.

    2) The primary role of the team manager is to be the point of communication between 5v5 Futsal and your team. The Team Manager will also be responsible for team registrations and payments.

    3) Willoughby Council strictly prohibits the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages at this venue.

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